Negotiation of USD.100m grant from GPE

Government of Uganda on the 5th August 2014, negotiates USD.100m grants with the World Bank to finance the Uganda Teacher and School Effectiveness project.


 The proposed Project Development Objective is .

Project Beneficiarieswill be:

  1. At least 2,000,000 students in primary education who will benefit from more effective and present teachers as well as improved teaching-learning inputs.
  2.  Approximately 21,000 teachers in primary schools who will benefit through improved in-service training.
  3.  Head-teachers and school management committee members who will receive training and resources for school improvement.
  4. Parents and communities with children in schools covered under the program who will indirectly benefit from higher quality education, greater information and enhanced voice in school management.
  5. Staff in the Ministry of Education and Sports as well as district staff managing teachers and education service delivery who will receive training.


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