EU-Uganda sign EURO 578million support under 11th European Development Fund

The Government of the Republic of Uganda and The European Union have signed the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) National Indicative Programme (NIP) in the sum of €578 million spanning the period of 2014 to 2020. The signing ceremony was held on Wednesday 17th December, 2014. Uganda joins several other African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries to have signed the first NIPs under the 11th EDF.

The EU Head of Delegation to Uganda, Ambassador Kristian Schmidt signed on behalf of the European Commission, while the Minister of Finance, Hon. Maria Kiwanuka signed on behalf of the Republic of Uganda in her capacity as the National Authorising Officer (NAO) for the EDF in Uganda.

The NIP represents an important step in the programming of EU aid under EDF. EU Member States agreed in 2013 the overall amount for development cooperation that will be channeled to 78 ACP countries under the 11th EDF during the financing period 2014-2020 (total amount Euro 29.1billion).

The NIP provides a total financial envelope to Uganda in the sum of €578 million non-repayable grant for three identified thematic/focal areas of Transport Infrastructure, Food Security and Agriculture, as well as Good Governance.

Focal  Sector                                                               


Transport Infrastructures                                            

150 -230 M € (40 % of total)

Food Security and Agriculture                                   

100 -130 M € (22.5% of total)

Good Governance                                                    

100 -168 M € (29 % of total)

Measures in favour of civil society                             

25 M € (4.25 % of total)

Support to the National Authorizing Officer and Technical Cooperation Facility              

25 M € (4.25% of total)

Total  Amount                                                            

578 M

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